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Make your computer more functional than ever with Windows 10. Introduced in 2014 and release to the public the following year, it comes loaded with new features that will make you want to upgrade from the previous version of Windows that you currently run. Microsoft even offers Windows 10 free for users currently using either Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Instead of using the older Windows Runtime app, this version comes with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This platform lets you use one account and connect all devices running Windows 10. You can connect your smartphone to your computer and to your XBOX One. All the content and information that you use on one device is accessible via another linked device. UWP also lets you sync content across two or more devices.

Windows 10 uses the same tiles found on previous editions. Those tiles relate to certain apps and programs that you use more often. You can select which tiles you want to view on your home page and the order of those tiles too. Some tiles come already installed like the Windows Store, which lets you download free and paid apps to your device. You'll also have a tile dedicated to Grove Music, which you can use to download music or upload your own music. Windows 10 also comes with a Music & TV tile. Previously called XBOX Video, this app lets you watch film trailers, download movies, and search for available TV shows.

Though the start menu looks similar to past editions, it has a slightly different layout. Microsoft places your tiles on the right side of the screen and puts other choices on the left. You can click and move those tiles to rearrange each one. As Windows 10 works on touchscreen devices, you can also press down on a tile to select it and move it to a new location.

Windows 10 is great for those who hate constantly updating to a new operating system. Prior to its release, Microsoft announced that it would offer continuous support for Windows 10 in the future. With past editions, Microsoft offered limited support and then no support after releasing upgraded options. As long as you have a device running Windows 10, Microsoft will offer regular updates. This operating system is suitable for a range of devices, including laptop and desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Microsoft now gives all device users access to Cortana. The company released Cortana for its line of Windows phones to compete directly with Siri, which is only available on Apple devices. Cortanan functions like a personal assistant. You can use this feature to do a simple web search, add an appointment to your calendar, or set a future reminder for yourself.

With Project Spartan, you can more easily browse and surf the web. This new feature reduces the overall size and shape of most online articles to help you view those articles without seeing a lot of distractions on the page. It also annotates the page to help you jot down notes and mark the most important lines on the site, which you can then share with others.

While you can surf the web with any browser that you like, you can also use Microsoft Edge, which comes bundled with this version of Windows. Microsoft Edge comes with a reading view option that lets you view only the written content on any page. A new integrated feature lets you create notes based on what you just read and save those notes in OneNote. This feature is great for those in school. It also lets you share that page via apps like Facebook that you install later.

Gamers will appreciate features like XBOX One integration. You can now use the XBOX One app to stream and play games saved on your console on another linked device. Though this feature does not work on smartphones, you can still sign in your XBOX Live account and play select games on your phone. Any achievements that you receive in those games will add to your gamer score.

With its game bar, you can also save some of your favorite moments from those games. The game bar features functions like a DVR. You can use this feature to record a clip of a game that you play or to take a screenshot of the action. Windows 10 then gives you the option of uploading that image or clip to another site for sharing. This feature is perfect for those who like sharing their gameplay experiences on YouTube.

Security and Maintenance is a new feature that takes the place of the old Action Center. This feature takes on the form of a sidebar on the side of your page. It shows you the actions that you need to take to keep your computer or device safe. Security and Maintenance also show you any security threats that you need to know.

Windows Control Panel is another useful feature. This lets you access the control panel for your device to view the amount of storage you have available or to make changes to any of your settings. Access this feature via the start menu or by a simple search. For an operating system that offers everything your device needs, upgrade to Windows 10, which is free.


  • Microsoft added a compression feature that automatically reduces its overall size
  • Lets you rearrange the tiles based on the apps you use more often
  • Syncs all linked devices almost instantly
  • Comes loaded with features not found on older editions
  • Serves as a free upgrade for those using older Windows versions


  • Many features are better suited for mobile devices than computers
  • Requires Windows 7 or 8.1 to qualify for a free upgrade
  • The new start menu may look confusing to some
  • It comes bundled with some apps that you may not use or want

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